He was too late to catch the bus.

Although the room is big, it is quiet airless.

E.g.: no, neither…nor…, either, I’m afraid not, well, um, let me think,...but..., however, despite, in spite of…


It depends on the area. And then whether there is a garden.

E.g.: and, also, too, as well as, first, second, besides, additionally, in addition, apart from, furthermore, not only… but also…


What I mean is that it would take more time.

E.g.: in other words, that is to say, that means, you see, for example, for instance…


After that, there will be a party.

E.g.: currently, earlier, eventually, finally, as soon as, since then, prior to, at the same time, meanwhile, immediately, later, previously, simultaneously...


Compared to the first one, the second is more useful.

E.g.: by comparison, in common with, on the other hand, by/in contrast,

on the contrary, while, whereas…


If I were you, I would not buy it.

E.g.: on condition that, provided/providing (that), as long as, whoever, however, whatever, whenever, under any circumstances…


Smoking can lead to lung cancer.

E.g.: because, so, due to, owing to, caused by, give rise to, bring about, stem from, arise out of,  with the intention of, as a result, thus, therefore, consequently, accordingly

  • Instead


1. It will take days by car, so let’s fly instead.

2. We’ve no coffee. Would you like tea instead?

  •  Instead of = Rather than

E.g.: We sometimes eat rice instead of potatoes