Harman, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has released Savari MecWave, a multi-access edge compute (MEC) software platform that the company says will enable auto makers and mobile network operators to deliver ultra-low-latency applications and services on edge computing infrastructure.

Harman hopes that by operating on the edge with ultra-low latency, MecWave will accelerate the deployment of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications, including safety-critical applications such as hazard alerts, along with high-throughput connectivity experiences like interactive infotainment and video streaming. The system also facilitates the extension of V2X capabilities to non-V2X-capable vehicles and devices such as bikes and scooters, as well as mobile and wearable devices.

“Today, technology holds the opportunity to transform so many automotive experiences, but the most important are those that can enhance the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians,” said Ram Iyer, the senior vice president of connectivity at Harman International. “At Harman, we are focused on building city intelligence and delivering safer communications between the car and its environment to satisfy the growing need for connectivity. With the introduction of MecWave, our Harman Savari solutions enable OEMs to deliver meaningful innovations to consumers that not only make life on the road more connected and better informed, but safer for everyone.”

MecWave is complemented by two additional Harman solutions, Harman Savari StreetWave and Savari MobiWave, which can be deployed together or independently to enhance vehicle communication. The StreetWave roadside unit is a node for vehicular connectivity, leveraging wireless technologies such as 5G or CBRS for backhaul and C-V2X technologies to enable a communication framework between infrastructure and vehicles. Similarly, the MobiWave wireless vehicular onboard unit combines existing telematics control units with V2X services to reduce traffic-related emergencies through functionalities including ASD, ‘Here I Am’ devices and more.

原文:Harman rolls out edge compute software platform for V2X | Autonomous Vehicle International